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A Certified University of Arizona Master Gardener, Angela Brooks, BA, MAHR is a creative and strategic Human Resources professional. She has extensive strengths in Organizational Development, Employment Readiness, Corporate ReDevelopment, Training and Department Child Services Child and Family Development. She is a respected High Performance Work Teams Senior Trainer who has strategically steered Fortune 1000 workforces through economic recessions. Angela is highly experienced in the Foster Care and Adoption process as well as in Therapeutic Foster Care Training. Angela has 26 collective years in these areas of work. She is Department of Child Services training certified by the State of Arizona.

Angela is a certified Master Gardener from the University of Arizona Cooperative extension. She believes in organic, non-chemical gardening utilizing reusable, repurposeable materials and practices permaculture sustainable gardening wherever possible. Angela consults with and speaks to groups on issues of foster kinship, adoption and step-child/family development, professional leadership and growth, business workforce strategy and capacity, sustainable work/home/community life and organizational change.

Life Strategies Consulting

National Program Director/CEO



Life Strategies Consulting (LSC) is an award-winning Minority Women-Owned Business founded in 1995. The organization’s mission is to assist its clients by providing the opportunity to learn, grow, change, improve and impact their professional, employment, social and family community. LSC has over 20 years of Organizational Development and Training, and designs, builds and mentors strong communities and community connections. The company has been featured in several local and national media outlets including: The Arizona Republic, BizAZ Magazine, The Business Journal, Tavis Smiley  and NewsTalk Radio.

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